Hike To Ethereal Barasari Meadow – Ringed By Deodars, Mountains Rising High In Tirthan Valley Near Sharchi

This Travel blog is of our impromptu hike to Barsari Meadow ahead of Sharchi Village (in Himachal Pradesh) and via the ancient Jamala Village which seemed in a time warp. Barasari is also the base for the trek to Lambri Top or Lambhri Top and Jalori Pass.
Video – Enjoy our Vlog

We had planned to leave for Jibhi after breakfast, but on an impulse decided to explore a tiny village, shrouded in the hills above Gushaini.

We drove 15 kms to Sharchi, and then a couple of kms beyond, from where we started our trek to Barasari or Badasari, passing through the ancient Jamala Village. It is fun following such whims, as long as they are not too outrageous!
Specially this one, since the secluded meadow at the base of the mountains, rekindled our love for Bollywood, the hopeless romantics that we still are!

This trail led us to Barasari. It was a steady climb through a lot of greenery.

The hike to Badasari starts from the tin roof structure (visible in the picture), a road is getting made here but we had to come on foot. You climb uphill and then through the terraced fields and on this cemented path which leads to Jamala Village and then to the Barasari meadow.

The Jamala Village is a quiet little village, here we could see 2 or 3 people going about their daily chores. The village had only about 10 houses – we fell quite in love with this place!

And that is their small village temple (in Jamala Village).

All the houses here are built in traditional Himachali style with space for fodder and animals below and the living quarters above for the owners.

Leaving behind the village, which seemed in a time warp, our pace slowed, as we dawdled enjoying the panoramic vistas, enthralled by the mountain flowers swaying in wild abundance, even charmed by a clump of oak trees. Half an hour out of Jamala, the winding path soon led us to Barasari Meadow.  

We hiked to Barasari at an easy pace, taking pics and videos, enjoying, talking to the village people (Gopal Singh) along the way.

Little Himalayan Iris – It has medium sized flowers ranging from deep blue to violet infused blue, with a contrasting yellow patch on the falls and deeply colored blue standards above slender leaves.
Himalayan Musk Rose – beautiful, fragrant, white flowers consist of 5 petals forming a single cup. Flowers occur in clusters at the end of branches.

Though we found it ethereal – the sprawling meadow, ringed by deodars, mountains rising high albeit veiled in a haze, we tried to imagine how this unspoilt locale would be in different seasons – when apples would be hanging heavy from the trees, during the monsoons when the clouds would be drifting down to the valley and the hillsides would be lush green, in the winters with snow cover all around and in spring when the ivory sheets would be blanketing only the mountain slopes. We experienced an exhilarating calm here – or dolce far niente as the Italians would say!

We spent some time with the sheep at the Barasari Meadow engulfed with a deep sense of serenity!

The green trail behind the sheep is the one that leads to the Lambri Top.

We left the village with a promise in our hearts to return for an extended stay at Jamala and undertake the trek to Lambri top at 3600 meters and perhaps Jalori Pass as well.

As we leave Barasari, we can see the Sharchi village at a distance and the Jamala village which is much closer. These are quaint pretty Himachali villages.

“My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature.” ~ Claude Monet (French Painter)

Article Authored By: Achal Bindraban.
Page Design By: Ranjana Achal.
Pictures By: Achal and Ranjana and couple pics by locals.

Travelled in May 2022

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