Raghupur Fort Trek (at 12000 feet) From Jalori Pass, Enthralling 360 Deg Views, Seraj Valley, Himachal.

Promise Fulfilled After 22 Years!

It was a very special day for Achal and me. We trekked up to the ruins of Raghupur Fort, perched at 12000 feet, starting from Jalori Pass in Seraj Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

Video – Enjoy our Vlog

Shringa Rishi Temple inside the fort walls.

A moderate difficulty hike which took us an hour and a half to arrive at the alluring meadows and then traversing right upto the small temple inside the fort ruins.

From atop the stone walls, we were bestowed with an enthralling 360 degree view of the undulating mountains and deep forests.

So why special?
In the year 2000 when we were at Jalori Pass for the first time, we had trekked to Serolsar Lake which lies on the other side of the mountain pass.

We had promised ourselves that one day soon we would return and surely hike up to Raghupur Fort as well. We fulfilled that promise today, after 22 years!
It’s never too late for anything!

The Trek To Raghupur Fort

As we get on with life, just before hitting 60, both o.fs us are taking a reality check – whether the mountains still welcome us and if for another few years we are up to the treks which unfold the unparalleled and true beauty of the Himalayas.

We spent the summer of ’22 in Himachal Pradesh traversing across its picturesque offbeat valleys – Tirthan, Seraj, Parvati and Sainj!

The initial part of the trek was pretty smooth and then it scaled up to a gradient which subsequently led us to a breathtakingly beautiful and surreal rolling grassy top at 11,000 feet.

Ruins Of Raghupur Fort At 12,000 Feet

A sprawling meadow stretched out across and a gradual climb lead us to the fort ruins.
At Raghupur Fort we were rewarded with enchanting views of the surrounding mountains, forests and hills in mixed hues of blues and greens albeit engulfed in haze. 

Raghupur Fort is a historic place, believed to have been built by the ancient Mandi rulers, perhaps once used by guards or archers to survey the landscape for any signs of approaching enemies and to protect themselves from any invasion.

As we walked through the rugged terrain, we caught sight of a set of walls in the distance, remnants of a once-mighty fortification. Our steps quickened with excitement, eager to explore the ruins and uncover their secrets.

We followed the path that wound its way around the walls, pausing at intervals to admire the view from the high vantage point.

While we walked, our mind was filled with images of the fort as it once was, bustling with activity and life.

We imagined the soldiers standing guard atop the walls, the sound of their footsteps echoing against the stone.

But now, the fort lay silent and still, with only sounds of the wind and the distant calls of birds. Yet even in its quietude, the ruins were full of a certain magic, a palpable sense of history and mystery.

The Descent

As we took the path back, I paused to look at the walls of the fort for one last time, standing tall dwarfed against the backdrop of the surrounding landscape still emanating a certain power. Though the fort was now just a shadow of its former self, its walls reduced to nothing but a few crumbling remnants, it still held a certain power, a reminder of the stories and lives that had been lived within its walls.

We could have watched these pretty little things thru’ the afternoon.

From a distance, it looked as though the hillside was alive, as the sheep moved like a wave across the grass. They were in no hurry, content to take their time and enjoy the bounty of the land. Occasionally, a young lamb would bound ahead of the flock, its legs wobbly and unsure but full of energy and curiosity!
The hillside was now quiet, the sheep having completed their daily ritual. But the memory of their peaceful grazing lingered in the air, a reminder of the simple joys of life in the countryside.

The trek to Raghupur Fort is a 3 km climb. We enjoyed the trek lost in the wilderness revelling in the unparalleled panoramic beauty of nature!
Giving fine dining a break for a few weeks!!
The quintessential trekking lunch – vegetable maggie and masala tea!

I understand that Raghupur Fort is not as popular and is lesser visited compared to Serlosar lake but is just as remarkable and exciting, if not more!

Article Authored By: Achal Bindraban.
Page Design By: Ranjana Achal.
Pictures By: Achal and Ranjana and couple pics by our guide

Travelled in May, 2022

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