• Ranipuram Trek: Our Last Pre Covid-19 Hike

    Crossing into Kerala, we chanced upon Ranipuram boasting of a thrilling trek to Ranipuram peak. Compelled by our strong desire for adventure we stayed overnight at a nondescript lodge. That’s what defines travel – opulent resorts or just a bed somewhere! An exhilarating 3.5 hours hike, at the summit we were rewarded with breathtaking views!

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    At Fethiye by the Mediterranean Coast of South Western Turkey I hadn’t ever imagined that the Saklikent Canyon tour would include a challenging river walk to Gizlikent (Hidden Waterfall), a pit stop at Tlos – an ancient ruined Lycian hilltop citadel, an adrenalin rushing river tubing and a wacky mud bath. Each experience was an adventurous memorable first.

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  • Indelible Affair at a Coffee Plantation in Coorg!

    It is truly romantic for a nature lover to be staying at a coffee plantation. Anyday! Certainly if it is like the Old Kent Estate in Coorg (Karnataka, India). A ruminative evening walk transforms into an indelible affair for us. Col W.R.Wright an officer in British India and also a poet and writer, created this plantation in 1864.

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  • Royal Bengal Tiger – Vision To Reality In Nagarhole?

    The tale of our jeep safaris and sightings at Nagarhole National Park (Tiger Reserve) in Karnataka, South India. My impressions of the imperial beast were only from William Blake’s The Tyger, Maneaters of Kumaon, Life of Pi and Nat Geo Wild inspite of having visited many sanctuaries earlier! Did the much anticipated encounter with the regal predator happen?

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  • PENANG, George Town – A Captivating Microcosm!

    George Town is part of Penang island and the capital city of the Western Malaysian state. Ranging from Colonial and Chinese to even Thai and Burmese besides of course Malay, Penang offers a diverse experience and a tremendous mix of culture and history contained in its architecture, temples and bylanes. However, the interactive street art stole our hearts.

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  • BIR – A Sleepy Hamlet in Himachal Bestowing Indelible Memories

    Bir is a picturesque village in Kangra. Popular as the paragliding capital of India it also houses a Tibetan settlement and is populated by tea gardens and monasteries. The nature lover can lose himself during hikes in breathtaking vistas amongst the rolling hills, quaint villages, meandering rivers, emerald meadows, swirling clouds with the sky a riot of colors.

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  • Angkor Wat, The Temple City – A Traveller’s Travesty!

    Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia is the largest Hindu Temple ever built. It took 30 years to build, 300000 workers, 4 million tonnes of stone, in the 12th century. Seeing the day’s last rays of the sun fall on the temple and bathe it with golden light is a magical experience.

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  • Stilt Fishermen in Sri Lanka.

    Eclectic Experiences in Sri Lanka

    A 2 week road trip took us through 2000 year old Buddhist caves in Dambulla, the 5th century AD Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress, our tryst with wildlife at Udawalawe and Bundala, whale and dolphin watching at Mirissa, a stint at stilt fishing (a dying tradition), getting close to sea turtles at a conservatory and more.

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  • Sigiriya Lion Rock, Sri Lanka

    In Central Province of Sri Lanka, lies Sigiriya Lion Rock, also called the 8th Wonder. Said to have formed from the magma of an extinct volcano, Sinhalese King Kasyapa I built it in the 5th century A.D., atop a plateau, 200 meters above the surrounding jungles. At the entrance of the palace is a gateway in the form of an enormous lion.

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  • The Elusive Great Indian Bustard At Desert National Park, Rajasthan

    Jaisalmer – Beyond the Golden Fort, Havelis and Sand Dunes. We spotted the Great Indian Bustard, amongst the heaviest flying birds, the number having dwindled to 300, critically endangered now, amongst clumps of sewan grass and ker trees. The ‘Godawan’ is the state bird of Rajasthan, endemic to India. Also viewed vultures, eagles, chinkara, coursers, wheatears…

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As the Sun’s orange glow spreads,
The monsoon clouds stop still,
By its soft radiance.
They wait awhile before washing
The valley back a verdant green.
The sky acquiesces to Surya
And rich hues cover its canvas.
(A feeble attempt to atone for the devastation of nature by trying to appreciate its beauty and magic through free verse.)

Rediscovering the Ganges


We had gone to Gangotri in the summers. The power and purity of Bhagirathi overwhelmed us. Three months later at a hamlet, near Rishikesh, one morning I was sitting by the Ganges. Its beauty catapulted thru’ my eyes and mind onto paper. The humble, spontaneous words which spilled, I somehow managed to gather and ensemble.

Seeking To Define Travel

We are trying to find a definition for “travel”. Confused with the ‘travelling’ we have been doing, we want to rediscover its meaning. The thesaurus synonyms are journey, tour, trip, voyage, backpacking. But how would the whole experience give us fulfillment? Can TRAVEL be a pithy word and fill the mindscape with a vivid canvas of awe and excitement?