We, Achal & Ranjana, forever wannabe digital nomads, in fact digital nomads, since we turned footloose much before the mobile and internet revolution even though shackled by the chains of capitalism, battling the ‘antardwand’ (inner conflict) – trying to find a balance – succeeding in our own eclectic ways. Three decades on, now hitting sixty and counting the travel bug has stayed with us through the traverses and travails of life!

We are explorers. Of destinations, cuisines, cultures, lifestyles, history, experiences and ideas. During the last 31 years that we have been together, we have travelled extensively and have experienced everything from the luxuries of opulent resorts to trekking tents, from adventure to spiritualism, from leisure to panoramic nature, from comfortable cross-country driving to bone breaking high altitude jeep safaris. Our personalities are a fusion of a wanderer, epicure, oenophile, blogger, writer and photographer, which means we are basically passionate about places, food, wine and then enjoy documenting and filming our experiences.

We don’t claim to be experts. Started recently, our vlogs (Adrift Couple Vlogs) are not definitive but rather offbeat. No ten best things to do, see or eat. For a real traveller those ten things will (and should) mostly differ from those of the others. Even at the same place two traveller’s experiences and wow moments may be dramatically opposite. We would like to inspire you to make your own discoveries, enjoy your own experiences and live your life better.

Expect to find honest and credible narratives here, about what excites us.  At times it may be the usual suspects – a meditative morning listening to the waves breaking on the shore as the sun rises lazily over the ocean (mundane for some), watching the darter bird dive into the water for prey, toss up the fish it has speared and then spread its majestic wings to dry in the sun, delving into history and getting goose bumps standing at a place where the ‘kismet’ (fate) of kingdoms changed, meeting a local wood carver labouring at his craft (bare-chested and sweating), getting wowed by an architectural marvel – modern or ancient, just enjoying a simple hike through a forest or to a hilltop, savouring new cuisines (even though being gourmets and living in a cosmopolitan city, New Delhi, India, we never cease to be amazed), always doing something which we have never done before (suckers for new exploits, as we say)….the list is endless.
We try to bring forth all of them, through our casual and unpretentious writings, pictures and videos; though perhaps you might glimpse the poetry of life occasionally during our journey.
Participate here in our escapades but do have your own – each more beautiful and adventurous than the other.

Our reason for travelling and exploring? When did this bug bite us? How did we carry on after we hit fifty, going on sixty – no, not the number of destinations but age? Which one was our reality check trek then? How did an entrepreneur engineer and an IT professional multitask with running a travel portal and tour company? Where did leadership coaching fit in along the way? What are we doing now? Is travel, food and lifestyle blogging / vlogging now our only pastime? Are trips away from home, creative writing, photography, cuisines, history, culture, kathak, painting and adventure only hobbies for us?
Are we Jack of many and master of none?

Or perhaps just an Adrift Couple!

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