Panoramic Day Hike in Tirthan Valley to Chhoie Waterfall, Hidden in the Forest up in the Hills

This travel blog is of our panoramic day hike in Tirthan Valley to Chhoie Waterfall in Himachal Pradesh, hidden in the forest up in the hills.

Since we were told that the trek to Chhoie Waterfall would just take an hour climbing up, we added to it by strolling down the couple of kms along the Tirthan River, from our resort in Gushaini to Nagini – from where the hike starts.

Video – Enjoy our Vlog

From Nagini at the beginning, the initial bit to Choie is a steep uphill walk on roughly hewn stone steps. Soon we reached a couple of village houses after which we continued up a jungle trail.

How much you enjoy depends upon your state of mind and your goal. Some hurry up as for them it is just a check box on an itinerary, for others it is an Instagram-able spot while for those like us it is the complete experience which counts.

So we cheerfully ascended, exulting in the silence, the light breeze, the birdsongs, the rural vistas of rustic abodes, golden farms perhaps ready for harvest, terraced fields climbing up to the treeline across the deep valley, in no hurry to ‘arrive’ as our mojo is in being ‘adrift’ like were the clouds here.

This pine tree certainly knows where its roots lie; knurled and old but do we?

Getting philosophical again, are we? A mesmerizing panorama does it always. Though it never leads us anywhere, neither does it provide answers. Trying to discover ourselves remains an unending quest and we stay lost.
Not that we mind!

Just short of the Chhoie Waterfall, there is this sacred tree where offerings are made with metal objects – we could spot a broken umbrella, a torch body, a chain and various other metal objects.

After an hours climb we were rewarded with our first sight of the waterfall hidden in the forest up in the hills.

This is the Chhoie Waterfall hurtling down the heights in steps falling into a pool. Since these are revered waters one is not allowed to take a bath here.

The most beautiful part is that it falls into an absolutely sparkling clear pond, and we could see the stones below. Gratifying!

“There’s no better place to find yourself than sitting by a waterfall and listening to its music.” ~ Roland R Kemler (Nature Photographer, USA)

Article Authored By: Achal Bindraban.
Page Design By: Ranjana Achal.
Pictures By: Achal and Ranjana and couple pics by locals.

Travelled in May 2022

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